Crime of the Week - Wichita and Sedgwick County
Crime of the Week - Wichita and Sedgwick County
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FOR THE WEEK OF SEPTEMBER 20, 2018 SEDGWICK COUNTY SHERIFFS DEPARTMENT CASE NUMBER: 18S008980On Saturday, September 22nd, 2018, a burglary occurred in southwest Sedgwick County some time around noon. A suspect was captured on surveillance and is shown below. A gun safe with several guns inside was stolen with an estimated value of $5,000.00 – $6,000.00. At least one of the suspects was caught on video attempting to enter through a door of the residence. If you have any information, please cal
FOR THE WEEK OF SEPTEMBER 20, 2018 WICHITA POLICE DEPARTMENT CASE NUMBER: 18C524133The suspect shown below stole a flute valued at $1,500.00 from Damn Music Center located at 8945 W. Central on September 10th at approximately 3pm. The suspect was captured on the store’s surveillance cameras. Witnesses report the suspect possibly left the area in an unknown vehicle with another individual. The suspect is described as 5’10”/200 lbs with slight facial hair. The serial number on the flute is: FL2
FOR THE WEEK OF SEPTEMBER 13, 2018 WICHITA POLICE DEPARTMENT COLD CASE HOMICIDESome time between 6pm on Saturday, November 24, 2012 and 1:30 pm on Sunday, November 25, 2012, 73 year old Robert Newman, was killed inside of his home at 2501 W. 9th Street, from a gunshot wound. Mr. Newman was retired, but he repaired small engines and ATV’s.                       Robert NewmanIf you have a

On August 8th around midnight, the suspects shown below attempted to gain entry into Range 54, 5725 E. Kellogg Drive. The suspects came from the east and used a large rock they found in the alley behind the business to damage the rear door. The suspects smashed the rock on the rear door handle numerous times for approximately 15 minutes, trying to get inside. The lock and handle were damaged at an est